We help policy owners obtain the TRUE MARKET VALUE for their existing life insurance policies.

Melville Capital is a Life Settlement Advisor and Broker focused on maximizing the value of existing Life Insurance Policies in the secondary market.

We specialize in taking a Fresh Approach Life Insurance Policies….

Since 2005, our team of licensed insurance professionals has transacted more than $2 Billion, in aggregate, through a large network of institutional investors who bid against each other in an auction type process, ensuring the client highest and best offer.  We’ve represented individual, Corporate and Institutional sellers in everything from a single policy sale to a complex portfolio sale, handling all aspects of the transaction. The end result is that the client receives a lump sum cash settlement that is often substantially (2-10x) more the cash surrender value and is also relieved of all future premium payments.

If you own a policy with a face amount of $500,000+ and the insured is 70+, (or you represent a client that fits these criteria) and are considering canceling the policy for its Cash Value or letting the policy lapse, let us take a closer look to determine what its True Market Value might be.

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